This site exists to present a lasting tribute to Breaking Bad the TV show.

The show is over now but more and more people will come to it late and enjoy it. This site hopes to be a useful resource for people watching the show.

The Format

Each bi-weekly episode post will contain –

– the short official synopsis of the episode from AMC and a link to the official episode guide for that specific episode on AMC where you can access a more in depth episode recap, photos, videos, and more. You can access the offical episode guide for all episodes here – Breaking Bad – Episodes.

– a list of favourite lines for each character (according to your blog host Snoskred)

– favourite scenes (also according to Snoskred)

– links to other reviews of that specific episode

– links to the Official Insider Podcast once these begin in Season 2 with a note of who is featured on the podcast.

– If possible, we will mention any extras that are available on DVDs.

Episodes will be posted on Thursday mornings and Sunday evenings.

Episodes may or may not contain extra bonus Snoskred thoughts. This will depend on time available. These may be added to the post at a later time if necessary. These will be presented right at the end of the episode post.

You will be able to leave comments, and you can also use the same format Snoskred uses to present your own favourite lines in your comment which is available on the Favourites page.

Images seen in the posts will be sourced from two locations only – screen shots taken by Snoskred herself, or official images from AMC.

Your Host – Snoskred

Snoskred is a huge Breaking Bad fan. She also has her own blog – Life In The Country.

Snoskred has listened to each and every official podcast, some of them multiple times. Snoskred owns all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad on DVD.

Snoskred posted her favourite lines and scenes on Whirlpool in a re-watch Breaking Bad thread as TarynK in 2013 and people loved the format. So she thought putting the format onto a blog and having it available to everyone might be an idea.

Snoskred will be rewatching each episode before they are posted, taking screencaps for use in the post.

If you want to watch ahead you can still find the original posts here – Breaking Bad Rewatch Thread On Whirlpool – that is an archive version and if you scroll down the page you will find each episode. Beware of spoilers – I would not recommend doing this if you have not seen the show before. 🙂

So, welcome aboard.

The first episode will be posted this week. You can receive the episodes via RSS in your feedreader, if you like.

Copyright Note –

All images on the site come from one of two sources –

1. amctv.com – in which case a credit will appear directly underneath the photo
2. Screenshots taken by Snoskred in which case the image will appear with no credit below it.