We’re Done When I Say We’re Done!

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Posts are now present for all 62 episodes of Breaking Bad. So what next for this blog?

When I began this project my aim was to do exactly what I have done – a post for each episode with screenshots and links to the insider podcast. I wanted it to be here on the web like a little time capsule for anyone who might be re-watching the show – or watching it for the first time. And that aim has been achieved.

There are no posts here for Better Call Saul – one reason being that is a separate, stand alone show – another reason being this blog is called Re-watch Breaking Bad. As much as I love Better Call Saul, it would not do that show proper justice to post about it here.

If you love Breaking Bad and you have not listened to the podcasts and DVD commentary tracks, I would strongly recommend that you spend serious time in your near future to a re-watch of the show with those added in.

I have learned so much about television thanks to the podcasts and commentary tracks. I’ve heard about ways to get the shot, how things are done, and everything from rules about credits to rules involving cars in studios having to have empty gas tanks.

I also want to say a massive thank you to Kelley Dixon and Vince Gilligan for creating the Insider Podcast and giving us a door into their incredible behind the scenes world. I wish more shows would put together this kind of thing.

I have a Mini-Vince Gilligan in my head now, who watches television with me and constantly says things like “That’s a great shot” – I hear his actual voice. Whether that means I have spent way too much time watching Breaking Bad with his voice in my headphones, or whether that is actually kind of genius on his part that he has secretly infiltrated my skull and probably the skull of so many other Breaking Bad fans, I am not certain.

Either way, I am deeply grateful for that voice. It wakes me up and shakes me and tells me when the television I am watching is truly great. There is a lot of television out there these days and some of it is truly fantastic. You might hear from me occasionally about other shows I am loving.

I have an enormous love for Breaking Bad – or else I would never have written this blog. I also have a lot of love for the cast and crew. They have all moved on to other things and we need to do the same ourselves.

Even so, I’m not saying it is over.. I still have Google Alerts set for the cast and the show. I may from time to time post links to articles about Breaking Bad and/or new projects for the cast and crew. I may post reminders about starting a re-watch on significant dates. You can expect the posting to be less frequent now that the weekly posts are complete.

This blog will remain here for future fans of the show to find and enjoy. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Thank you for reading.

Finally, a big thank you to Sephyroth who has been my proof reader and in house pedant. 🙂


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