Hazard Pay

Untitled - 51

Walt and Jesse put a business plan into action. Walt confesses a secret to Marie.

Breaking Bad Season Five, Episode Three “Hazard Pay” – [Official Text Credit: amctv.com]

~ Favourites ~

Favourite Badger line – “Stacking the benjis till the rubber band pops”

Favourite Skyler line – “Shut the hell up! Shut up! Shut up!”

Favourite Marie line – “They’re leaving streaks. This more ethnic looking one, he is doing a great job, but the other one.. he is going back and forth like he is scrubbing a…”

Untitled - 57

Favourite Saul line – “He’s okay? He said he was going to break my legs. And don’t tell me he didn’t mean it, okay? ‘Cause he gave me the dead mackarel eyes. He meant it.”

Favourite Walt line – “Saul, Mike threatened me. He threatened Jesse. He probably threatened someone before breakfast this morning. It’s what he does. C’mon. Grow a pair.”

Favourite Mike line – “Just because you shot Jesse James, don’t make you Jesse James.”

Favourite Jesse line – “Uh, I dunno.. maybe, yeah, you know, sometimes I think, if it feels right..”

Favourite Jesse/Walt exchange –

Untitled - 4

This is such a beautiful moment, where they aren’t saying much but they are on the same page, making plans and working well together.

Walter: “Yeah”

Jesse: “Yeah”

Walter: “That’s good”

Jesse: “Yeah”

Walter: “That will work”

Favourite scenes –

Untitled - 63

The tour of new places to cook.

Untitled - 67

Jesse stealing a tortilla.

Untitled - 69

“Danny’s already set some space aside behind the SKEE BALL games.” HELL NO.

Untitled - 75

Nice to see Badger and Skinny Pete again.

Untitled - 88

Another great montage set to “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” by The Peddlers. Especially love the time lapse at the end of it.

Untitled - 99

The boys and baby Holly watch Scarface.

Untitled - 101

Money divvying up time, with Mike explaining legacy costs.

Notable Music – “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever” by The Peddlers (on youtube) plays while Jesse and Walt cook

Ending Song – The Breaking Bad theme composed by Dave Porter

Jesse Lightbulb Moment –

Untitled - 2

Look at this drawing full of Jesse design awesomeness! This is quite like the drawings Gale made, in his Lab Notes book. Vince mentions on some of the podcasts how characters would take on elements of the characters that they killed and I think this is a good example of that.

Notable Shots –

Untitled - 83

Vamanos Cam

Episode Running Time on DVD – 47m 17s

DVD Extras – Inside Breaking Bad – Hazard Pay; Inside Breaking Bad – Making of Hazard Pay; Commentary with Vince Gilligan, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Bob Odenkirk and Melissa Bernstein

Insider podcast – Breaking Bad editor Kelley Dixon discusses Episode 503 “Hazard Pay” with Vince Gilligan, Peter Gould, Tom Schnauz, Skip Macdonald. Running time 1 hour 25 minutes 25 seconds. Click here for the MP3 file. Click here for podcasts via the Apple iTunes store – podcasts are free.

Links to other reviews of this episode – AV ClubAlan SepinwallThe TV Critic

Snoskred Notes –

Probably the moment at which my Walt care factor o meter tips into the negative is the scene where he manipulates Jesse into dumping Andrea.

Untitled - 95

We have missed Marie for a couple of episodes now, and boy does she return with a BANG. Awkward hug moment! But now, there is no Hank to be found.

Untitled - 6

This jumper is so Jesse season 5, it is absolute perfection.

The science of Breaking Bad – Hazard Pay

Episode Count –

Forty-nine episodes down, 13 to go


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