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Walt and Jesse seek out an unlikely partner for a new business venture. The DEA follows up new leads in its investigation.

Breaking Bad Season Five, Episode Two “Madrigal” – [Official Text Credit:]

~ Favourites ~

Favourite Hank line – “My partner here, he took one look at that and said shit man, this fifth grade girl is the muscle behind Fring’s entire operation.”

Favourite Chris line – “For you she was going to pay 30. I’m really sorry about this Mike, but I need the money.”

Favourite Gomez line – “Came in their own G5, just like Oprah’s.”

Favourite Merkert line – “I had him out to my house. Fourth of July, cooked out in the backyard. My son shucked the corn, my daughter cut up potatoes. Fring brought sea bass. Every time I grill it now, I make a little foil pouch, just like he showed me. That whole night, we were laughing, telling stories, drinking wine. And he’s somebody else completely..”

Favourite Lydia line – “I’d love your input”

Untitled - 41

Favourite Saul line – “You’re alive. As far as I am concerned, that’s the Irish Sweepstakes.”

Favourite Mike line – “I’m sorry the kid doesn’t see it, but I sure as hell do. You are a time bomb, tick-tick-ticking. And I have no intention of being around for the boom.”

Favourite Walt line – “Mike, I know you don’t care for me. We’ve had our issues, you and I. But I would suggest that you leave emotion out of this decision.”

Favourite Jesse line – “The crystal ship did pretty good for us.”

Favourite scenes –

Untitled - 21

Love the Jesse/Mike/Walt meeting.

Untitled - 23

And of course, the Gomez and Hank scene. These two deserve their own spin off series as well.

Untitled - 31

The scene with Mike and Lydia – we meet many of Lydia’s crazy tics and OCD insanities.

Untitled - 33

Love Chow’s American flag tie which totally clashes with the rest of his outfit.

Untitled - 43

This Mike scene with the pig… yet another reason why we need Mike in the spinoff.

Notable Music – “Stay On The Outside” by Whitey (on Youtube) as Walt & Jesse search for the cigarette.

Ending Song – The Breaking Bad theme composed by Dave Porter

Jesse Lightbulb Moment – None this episode, but after the Magnets last week he should take a little mental break.. 😉

Notable Shots –

Untitled - 11

And it is goodbye to Los Pollos Hermanos..

Untitled - 7

with a hello to the parent company Madrigal, via the teaser.

Episode Running Time on DVD – 47m 13s

DVD Extras – Inside Breaking Bad – Madrigal; Inside Breaking Bad – Making of Episode 502: “Madrigal”; Extended Scene: “It Gets Easier (Extra Icky Version)”; Commentary with Vince Gilligan, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Laura Fraser, Michelle MacLaren and William “W” Gilpin

Insider podcast – Breaking Bad editor Kelley Dixon discusses Episode 502 “Madrigal” with Vince Gilligan, Michelle MacLaren, Jonathan Banks (Mike Ehrmantraut). Running time 1h13m04s. Click here for the MP3 file. Click here for podcasts via the Apple iTunes store – podcasts are free.

Links to other reviews of this episode – AV ClubAlan SepinwallThe TV Critic

Snoskred Notes –

Untitled - 29

It is a sad goodbye to ASAC Merkert

Untitled - 19

Breaking Bad is well known for the montages – this week we get something a little different, the searching for the ricin cigarette montage, followed by a heart breaking Jesse scene.

Untitled - 25

We also meet a new character. Some people do not have love for Lydia. I really like her.

Untitled - 47

With Mike choosing to be a part of the crew, our three main crew members have little to no hair. On the upholding the law side, we have Hank. The show could now be renamed – the exciting adventures of the hair challenged in New Mexico?

The science of Breaking Bad – Madrigal

Episode Count –

Forty-eight episodes down, 14 to go


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