One Minute


Hank’s increasing volatility forces a confrontation with Jesse and trouble at work. Skyler pressures Walt to make a deal. Gus’ actions have severe consequences.

Breaking Bad Season Three, Episode Seven “One Minute” – [Official Text Credit:]

~ Favourites ~

Favourite Skyler line – “I guess crime does pay.”

Favourite Hank line – “I’ve been…unraveling, y’know? ”

Favourite Saul line – “Thats your get out of jail free card.”


Favourite Arms Dealer line – “”Surprising thing is the women who like to get peed on always tend to be from the warmer climates. You’d think the ones in the colder zones would be more inclined but I haven’t met one yet. I mean, it’s a shock to the system if the body is not properly acclimated, but y’know…leave that to smarter minds than me. Science is a mystery.””

Favourite Walt line – “What happens now?”

Favourite Jesse line – ” I am not turning down the money! I’m turning down you! You get it?! I want nothing to do with you! Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone! Ruined, turned to shit, dead, ever since I hooked up with the great Heisenberg! I have never been more alone! I have NOTHING! NO ONE!”


Favourite Jesse/Walt exchange –

Walter: “Listen, something’s come up. I think it’s a good opportunity. There’s been a job opening. I need a new lab assistant.”

Jesse: “I did… my time. Why don’t you just get yourself a monkey?”

Walter: “I don’t want a monkey. I want you.”

Jesse: “Oh, gee, thanks. Well, not interested. I got my own thing going on. And nice try saving your asshat brother-in-law.”

Favourite scenes –


The whole arms dealer scene, in particular the Cousins synchronised truck departure.


How amazingly powerful are Jesse’s hospital speeches.

Notable Music – “Black Night” by Badar Ali Khan (on youtube) This is the one song not composed by Dave Porter this episode, which is playing in the lab as Walt arrives.

Ending Song – The Breaking Bad theme composed by Dave Porter

Jesse Lightbulb Moment – Not wanting anything more to do with Walt. Jesse, I adore you, but you should have stuck to your guns on this one. Walt is bad news! 😉

Notable Shots –


The skies in New Mexico are so amazing.


Episode Running Time on DVD – 45m 22s

DVD Extras – Inside Breaking Bad – One Minute –

Insider podcast – Breaking Bad editor Kelley Dixon discusses Episode 307 “One Minute” with Vince Gilligan, Writer Tom Schnauz, Director Michelle MacLaren, Actor Dean Norris (Hank). Running time 49m58s Click here for the MP3 file. Click here for podcasts via the Apple iTunes store – podcasts are free.

Links to other reviews of this episode – AV ClubAlan SepinwallThe TV Critic

Snoskred Notes –


Some interesting history on The Cousins to begin the episode – for those wondering or if you could not work it out, the drowning uncle is Tio, he of the bell. Nice to see him actually talking.


Some might think this is the episode that Aaron Paul won the emmy for – and certainly there is a lot of great acting on his part in this episode, in particular the what happens now monologue, as well as the I have nothing monologue. However the episode submitted for Aaron Paul for the Emmys was episode 12 of Season 3 – “Half Measures” – and he won this year.


Skyler – “Hank is your family” – Walt – “Not currently” – Wow, Walt is so pissed at Skyler that he does not consider Hank family anymore? However, he does start to try and fix things up for Hank and that starts by finding fault with Gale.


Poor Gale, he is so enthusiastic and excited to work with Walt, but circumstances have conspired against him.

Of course much should be said about the ending of this episode. The chickens finally come home to roost, but for the wrong person.


Timing wise, on my copy, “You have one minute” is said at 39.48. So how much time actually passes before the Cousins appear? You see them (through the car) at 41.06. The first shot is fired at 41.34.

The Cousins have picked a particularly terrible time to attack Hank. Even though he does not have a gun of his own, his pure rage and anger (listen to that growl of rage as he is reversing) and his car take care of cousin 1 relatively quickly. If cousin 2 had not decided the Axe was more appropriate, Hank would be dead now.


Interestingly, the bullet that takes out cousin 2 is the one given to the cousins for free by the arms dealer. It drops out of his pocket and Hank picks it up once his gun runs out of ammo.

The science of Breaking Bad – One Minute

Episode Count –

Twenty-seven episodes down, 35 to go


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