Walt ignores Skyler’s demands, furthering the rift between them and pushing her to break bad. Still suffering from panic and anxiety attacks, Hank crosses a line at work.

Breaking Bad Season Three, Episode Three “I.F.T.” – [Official Text Credit: amctv.com]

~ Favourites ~

Favourite Walt Jr line – “Why you gotta do this to Dad?”

Favourite Skyler line – “Walt has lung cancer. His treatment bought him some time, but the doctors, they all say that sooner or later… I can’t see why I should lay all this on my family when things may…resolve themselves on their own without anyone else knowing.”

Favourite Hank line – “Just trying to spice things up a little”

Favourite Gomez line – “This spice looks like its been through a couple guys already.”

Favourite Mike line – “He’s still breathing. Well, by the looks of him, he has no idea how close he came.”

Favourite Walt line – “I’m back”

Favourite Jesse line – “I said I’ll handle it. Now bounce, willya, please?”

Favourite Jesse/Walt exchange –

There is no Jesse and Walt exchange this episode. This is only the second time there has been no scene with them both. The first time was episode 6 of Season 2 – “Peekaboo”

Notable Music – Tush by ZZ Top (on youtube) plays when Hank and Gomez are in the seedy bar.

Ending Song – The Breaking Bad theme composed by Dave Porter

Jesse Lightbulb Moment – Getting back in the RV.

Notable Shots –


There is possibly an argument to make that the White house has some bad Feng Shui, due to the location at the top of a T junction.


I love this shot.

Episode Running Time on DVD – 45m26s

DVD Extras – Inside Breaking Bad – I.F.T –

Insider podcast – Breaking Bad editor Kelley Dixon discusses Episode 303 “I.F.T” with Vince Gilligan, writer George Mastras and director Michelle Maclaren.Running time 41m54s. Click here for the MP3 file. Click here for podcasts via the Apple iTunes store – podcasts are free.

Links to other reviews of this episode – AV ClubAlan SepinwallThe TV Critic

Snoskred Notes –


Long teaser in Spanish, but we knew what the turtle was all about. Interesting to find out who was responsible for the death of Tortuga.

This episode makes me think of a line from The Devil Wears Prada = specifically – Miranda Priestly: By all means move at a glacial pace. You know how that thrills me.

Yes there is a lot going on but the pace of everything has slowed down to a snail crawl. And in many ways this is a good thing and it is somewhat thrilling..


There are not a lot of shows that would take the time to show us one of the main characters calling an answering machine over and over.. But this is an important thing for Jesse, because once the line is disconnected, he can move on – though I am not sure cooking meth is the best means of moving forward for him!


You might remember a quote from Vince Gilligan which I posted a while back on Crazy Handful Of Nothin’ “Walt always thinks he can dictate to the universe, and he’s always wrong” – This is the first episode where it seems like Skyler tries to dictate to the universe – or at least, to Walt – and all it shows her is how utterly powerless she really is.


Yes, this is the official point where any sympathy or empathy I might have had for Skyler goes flying out the window. Ted is just as flawed as Walt is.


You may have noticed the dedication – who was Shari Rhodes? She was a casting director for many, many movies and tv shows.


She actually appeared in this episode. She passed away in December 2009, sadly before this episode ever aired on tv.

The science of Breaking Bad – I.F.T

Episode Count –

Twenty-three episodes down, 39 to go


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