Walt tries to reconnect with his family. Still suspicious of her husband’s actions, Skyler keeps her distance. Jesse finds himself without a place to live and struggles to cope.

Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 4 “Down” – [Official Text Credit]

~ Favourites ~

Favourite Walt Jr line – “I didn’t know you were allowed to touch the stove”

Favourite Skyler line – “Out” – “Out”

Favourite Walt line – “What part of no contact didn’t you understand”

Favourite Jesse line – “Yeah, and thanks, Daddy Warbucks, but that was before my housing situation went completely testicular on me, okay?”

Favourite Jesse/Walt exchange –

Walter: Are you actually this stupid…

Jesse: No, look, I know this isn’t an optimal situation…

Walter: “…to come to my house, and park on my street, driving this vehicle? I mean, what the hell is wrong with you?! I’m really asking!”

Favourite scenes –


Walt and his ever more desperate breakfasts.


Jesse and his mother.. wow can she slap!


Jesse and the movers – he puts down the phone, they take it.


Jesse beating up a payphone.


The heartbreaking sleeping with a gas mask on scene, in the RV. Rock bottom, right there.

Notable Music – “It’s Such a Pretty World Today” (on youtube) by Nancy Sinatra – This is such a lovely song, set to such a not lovely scene.

Ending Song – TwaüghtHammër, “Fallacies” the instrumental version.

Jesse Lightbulb Moment – Climbing right back over that fence and taking that RV.

Notable Shots –


Jesse falling into the portaloo.


Interesting that the “poo” is blue. There was a lot of blue in this episode. Blue and down.

Episode Running Time on DVD – 45m29s

DVD Extras – Inside Breaking Bad – –

Insider podcast – Breaking Bad editor Kelley Dixon discusses Episode 4, “Down” with creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) Running time 42m:13s Click here for the MP3 file. Click here for podcasts via the Apple iTunes store – podcasts are free.

Links to other reviews of this episode – AV ClubAlan SepinwallThe TV Critic

Snoskred Notes –

So, once again for our teaser, we are back at the pool with the teddy bear. But wait, we have not seen this for two episodes now. Hmm. I wonder what this means? Vince Gilligan explained non linear story telling in the first podcast for season 2, and I guess this is what we are experiencing. 🙂

This is the one and only time we have seen Jesse using his bike, that was so conveniently in the garage for the purpose of providing a bike lock for imprisoning – and murdering – Crazy Eight back in Season One. And no wonder, seeing it gets stolen within a very short time even with the bike lock on!


This here is where Skyler starts to become angry making, for me anyway. Look, I get that she is angry. I get that she thinks a good punishment for Walt is to start disappearing. I can totally get behind it as a plan. And it works. He is *freaking out*.

I do NOT get why she wants to punish her unborn child by smoking. Punish Walt, sure, no problem. But smoking while pregnant.. this crosses a line for a lot of people. This is extremely selfish behaviour.

The science of Breaking Bad – Down

Episode Count –

Eleven episodes down – 51 episodes to go.


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